Terp Spejdercenter

Terp Spejdercenter

– Sydvestjyllands grønne spejdercenter

What is Terp Scout Centre?


The Terp Scout Centre is situated in the Southwest part of Jutland (mainland Denmark), near the town of Bramming.

The area contain a scenic landscape of old oak forest, open camp sites and our own piece of creek. The centre is divided in 2 main areas around the original main centre Building and the Farm, which also offers newly refurbished meeting facilities and plenty of outdoor space around it.

Centre Building
Fully equipped cabin with 34 beds, bathroom, industrial dishwashers, and other necessities.
There is internet connection in the hut via both connectors and wireless connection.

Camps at the Centre Building, the meadow and the forest
Outside the cottage there is ample capacity for more than 100 people in a tent, also water lines raftegård and pladslys if necessary.

The meadow right next to the center square is 3 less patrol pitches surrounded by greenery. Capacity 1-2 patrol tents per room.

Forest camp north of the center building is a large clearing with capacity of up to 50 people in the tent. On the forest Square is also 2 large shelters with their campfire. Water source be provided close to the northern end of Kløvermarken. A new compost toilet is found in the woods near the Forest Square.

A separate section with 4 areas surrounded by greenery, parking, several water lines and electrical panels. The south of the area is a large area suitable for activities.